Wednesday, July 23, 2008

back to the woods

Well, I gave it all I had. I went back to where my family lives and tried my best to readjust. There was no turning around for me. I have become too independent, too animal for that living situation. I have returned to my cabin.
The forest had taken over almost everything in the few months that I was gone. The garden was growing wild and rampant, beyond the fence. A tree had been stricken down and landed a good sized hole in the roof of the cabin, which let in squirrel and birds. I admit I almost turned back but I remembered that the purpose, or my purpose now rather, was my obligation to this place.
Over the course of the day I trimmed back the ferns and hacked out some lesser fruit plants. I covered the roof hole with a couple of boards, I'll have to fix the whole thing tomorrow. Its going to be quite a job getting this all back together.
In the morning I'll go catch some fish.

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